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Nurses needed for research on gendered jobs

What do exotic dancing and medicine have in common? Research explores the gendering of jobs.

Researchers are calling on men and women who work in the diverse fields of nursing, retail, exotic dancing, construction and medicine, to take part in a new study that explores traditionally ‘gendered’ jobs.

Dr Kate Huppatz from the School of Social Sciences at the University of Western Sydney says it is no secret that Australia has a highly gender-segregated workforce.

“Society dictates that nursing is traditionally a feminine occupation, while being a doctor is more masculine. To a similar extent, construction sites are expected to be male-dominated, while exotic dancing is seemingly restricted to women,” said

“The aim of the study is to find out why men and women perpetuate these stereotypes by continuing to enter into feminised or masculinised occupations, and what encourages them to stay there.”

Huppatz said men and women at any level of these five diverse occupations were encouraged to take part in the study.

“The study will explore the gendered and classed identities, practices, performances and power relationships of the people who work and study in these feminised and masculinised fields,” said Huppatz.

“In particular, the researchers are interested to learn how men and women came to be in these particular fields, and how their family and class backgrounds may have contributed to their career trajectories.”

Participants in the study will take part in an interview with a researcher, in which they will be asked to share their occupational stories. The interviews will take approximately 60 minutes; participation is completely voluntary and has been approved by the Human Ethics Committee, The University of Sydney.

The research is being conducted in partnership with Dr Sue Goodwin from The University of Sydney.

To participate in the study, contact Dr Kate Huppatz on 0425 309 204 or Dr Sue Goodwin on 9351 3282.

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