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CDC home care stumbles into confusion at the start

It has been a little over two weeks since the new consumer-directed Home Care Packages were rolled out and some consumers are still confused about what the changes mean for them.

Dementia care specialist Dementia Caring is receiving three times its regular amount of calls, thanks to consumers seeking advice and information on consumer-directed care and the group found that many home-care consumers are confused about what CDC means for them or their loved one.

Jon Kontopos, chief executive of Dementia Caring, said there are three key areas confounding consumers.

“The questions we often get asked are: Do we get more or less money under the new CDC system? Do we apply for a new package now? And what do we do with our old package?” Kontopos said.

He explained that the first step to guiding people through CDC is to help them question what they want out of their care plan.

“Things people should think about are the sorts of things that might help them improve their daily life: what they enjoy doing most; what support they need to stay safe; and what makes their life enjoyable and meaningful,” he added. He also suggested that consumers discuss these things with their service provider and come up with a care plan that’s exactly right for their needs.

Kontopos said once consumers have access to the right information it is exciting for them, as they have the chance to design their own care plan. He says this empowers them in many ways. “They get to choose what services they like, who provides them and when and where the services get delivered.”

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