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Aged care providers urged to publish sanctions

Aged care providers are being urged to prominently publish their shortcomings and sanctions so families can make informed decisions about where to send their loved ones.

Former South Australian Senator Skye Kakoschke-Moore is pushing for legislative changes to force aged-care companies to publish all non-compliance notifications and punishments on their websites

“Families deserve to know and need to have the full picture when they make the difficult decision to put their loved ones into care or are seeking help for them at home,” she said.

Some 55 aged-care providers have been issued with non-compliance notifications and 19 have sanctions against them.

But Kakoschke-Moore is concerned that of the 19 providers facing current sanctions, only one has made reference to this on their website’s home page.

“Family members shouldn’t be forced to hunt for information in what can already be a difficult and even heartbreaking time,” she said. “Having these details on a provider’s home page means consumers can make fully-informed decisions about who they’re going to trust with the wellbeing of their loved ones.”

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One comment

  1. Publish non compliance or sanctions?

    The way the Government is attacking facilities we will need a full time person to keep my aged care site updated (or of course we will be sanctioned for not doing so). I love these senators huffing and puffing about things they dont understand fully. If I was a resident or relative and went on to the my aged care web site (which has been and is a complete waste of time and money) I would be happy to find out about the care component of the 44 standards but I dont believe telling the world that the maintenance schedule is a month late, or that the furniture inventory is not current, or perhaps one of the dozens of resident/relative/staff/C.I/Rn/kitchen/laundry etc meetings was not properly signed off. I dont know how interested people would be??
    Most people should be and are interested in the care, its a bloody shame that many of the “failings” have nothing to do with care.
    Documentation needs to be standardised if we want a true picture of the standards in facilities.

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