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Enware’s Wellbeing™ range is designed to enhance the well-being of aged users through empowering greater access to the daily use and consumption of water

The heart of Enware’s design is to ensure critical living hubs like bathrooms and kitchens are designed and include fixtures and fittings that are simple, intuitive and familiar and yet addressing the wider requirements of comfort, ease of use and strong colour indication providing well-being for users and their carers.

Creating a built environment that accommodates people with dementia is one of the greatest challenges faced today by the building and design industries. Dementia has become a major health priority, with the number of people living with dementia in Australia expected to triple by 2050. Yet understanding of the condition’s best management practises is relatively new in clinical terms.

Users want a safe and quality product solution that is familiar, makes the user as independent as possible so they can feel confident using;

Carers want products that minimise physical strains and make work routines easier to manage;

Facility owners want systems that are flexible, functional and have life time value without compromising on design.

But how is it possible to find the perfect solution that will meet the needs and wants of those involved?

When developing products for dementia patients, Enware takes into account the way dementia patients process information about the built environment in which they live. This includes utilising the common and basic principles for assisting a person with dementia, including colour and contrast, plus memory and familiarity of how everyday equipment works.

Colour and contrast can be used by people with dementia to help identify key features and rooms. Pronounced colour contrast can be a great aid as it adds clarity to the environment, allowing people with dementia to find their way around and to use facilities and fixtures without assistance.


“Deliberate use of colour can significantly help people with dementia to recognise objects”

‘Ageing eyes’, together with dementia related ‘visuo-perceptual difficulties’ combine to cause a change in the way people with dementia see the world around them. Understanding these changes and adapting the dementia care environment can assist in reducing risks in order to support a person with dementia to live an independent life.

Incorporating colour contrast principles when designing tapware for people with dementia is essential to allow for easy identification of the fixture and its function. Enware’s Wellbeing™ range has integrated strong colour indication with a product that is simple to use, intuitive and familiar to compensate for age related vision problems and promote independence in self-care.

A highly contrasting, coloured design facilitates perception and therefore enables people with age-related impaired vision to orientate themselves. The deliberate use of these colours can significantly help people with dementia to recognise objects and move around in their environment comfortably.

Enware Wellbeing™ is a contemporary yet familiar range of lever tapware designed specifically to enhance the well-being of users with disability through empowering greater access to the daily use and consumption of water. The range incorporates easy to distinguish colour indicators that can be seen from all angles. Traditional hot and cold handle controls providing long term recognition the user can relate to, especially those with Dementia.  The benefits of colour contrast are combined with a handle design that uses bold geometric shapes and form to optimise the user’s strength capabilities, transferring the movement to the more powerful muscles of the user’s forearm and upper arm.

Enware’s  intention to address the needs of the aging user in keeping the product simple, intuitive and familiar; yet addressing the broader requirements of comfort, ease of use and strong colour indication. The result is a design which combines ergonomic principles, tactile materials, contrasting colours and bold geometric shapes to optimise user comfort, strength and capabilities. It was these key design features that landed Enware a Good Design® Selection for their Wellbeing™ range at the Australian Good Design Awards; with the Good Design Awards panel stating “The Jury applauds the designers for developing a product range that addresses the needs of our growing aging population. This is a very well resolved product that is intuitive to use and highly functional for the intended market.”

Benefits of Enware’s Wellbeing™ Tapware

  • Contemporary form and aesthetics with ergonomic principles to assist with limited physical movement, strength and dexterity
  • Intuitive and familiar operation and control that is recognisable to those with degenerating cognitive memory
  • Warm to touch, soft, tactile handles enhance user comfort for those with sensitive skin
  • Strong colour contrast of handle controls assist recognition for aging eyes

What makes Enware’s Wellbeing™ Range so successful in the balancing act between design and function?

Much of Enware’s successful design and innovation is down to the market research they conduct in order to continually develop new products that meet and surpass customer and user expectations. They have invested and released several white papers which highlight the challenging problems and trade offs that come when designing for the elderly, or elderly or for those with disabilities; focusing on key topics such as colour contrast, designing for dementia, and how to ensure wellness, independence and quality of life are considered.

Enware has extensive experience supplying products for older people and people with disability including the completion of over 200 projects in partnership with some of Australia’s leading aged care providers. They have helped to create specialist bathroom solutions for the aged care and dementia living spaces, to enhance residents’ independence.

In-depth industry knowledge enables Enware to produce and supply a broad range of products ideal for aged and disability care environments with the capability to provide technical advice and service support throughout the lifetime of their products.

For further details on our new Wellbeing™ range visit our website www.enware.com.au/wellbeing

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