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Care offers sent to deceased ‘unfortunate’

Federal government departments will stop sending “unfortunate” letters offering long-awaited home care support to the elderly months after the person has died.

More than 16,000 people died while waiting for a home care package in 2017/18, amid long delays between assessments and actually receiving the funding.

The health and human services departments have been working to get their systems to share death notifications to prevent home care package offers being sent after the elderly person had died.

It may still sometimes take a couple of weeks for the systems to share death notifications, senior health department official Fiona Buffinton told the aged care royal commission.

“But the very unfortunate examples where our systems weren’t talking and therefore we had people getting sometimes nine, 10, 12 months after the passing, us sending out those letters, we’re ensuring that that doesn’t happen.”

The comments were made on Wednesday, the final day of a royal commission hearing in Mildura in regional Victoria that investigated the needs of family and unpaid carers.

The royal commission will hold another public hearing in Brisbane next week, focusing on the regulation of aged care.

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One comment

  1. Perfection is for who? In this amazing and progressive world of ours many lives can be grateful for many things. Sometimes, the lowest paid and often overlooked workers and often over-worked staff are expected to be the ones who keep perfection at their finger tips or in their top pockets.
    I remember after my baby died (in the UK) that I was reprimanded by one of the services because I didn’t attend a pre-natal exercise or some such offering. It happens. It’s often sad. It can be seen as offensive but it is simply that someone forgot, hadn’t got to your situation change or perhaps was on holiday and not replaced. Government officers are not the best paid nor cared for staff members, I know because many years ago, I was one. Perhaps things have changed. Well of course they have as far as electronic progress goes. But we are all human beings with our many characters and I am sorry that government departments do not always communicate as well as we would like them to but it happens and maybe all there needs to be is a little note somewhere that says, “We apologise should our offer of a place in our home be delayed by our communication processes. etc …. ”
    Fortunately, I do not know any perfect people. God how boring would they be? Would they even have a sense of humour?

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