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New 3D pressure injury research underway

Recent estimates put the cost of pressure injuries to the health system at $983 million per annum, representing approximately 1.9 per cent of all public hospital expenditure or 0.6 per cent of the public recurrent health expenditure.

In aged care, the average daily cost by pressure injury stage was $26.42 for a Stage 1 pressure injury, $37.17 for a Stage 2 pressure injury, $30.01 for a Stage 3 pressure injury, and $10.22 for an unstageable pressure injury.

Flinders University, industry leader Wound Innovations and Paul Hartmann Pty Ltd, are coming together on a project that will use smart 3D camera automation to improve pressure injury diagnosis and treatment in aged care residents.

Enabled by the help of a $1.5 million grant from the federal government, the project will collect 3D diagnostic data on pressure injuries in a unified best practice environment over an 18-month period.

The project aims to improve early detection and management, enable qualitative diagnosis and yield new information on the 3D measurement of pressure injuries, with the results to be widely disseminated throughout a network of aged care homes.

Researchers also hope the work will enable clinical decision making, empower nurses in residential aged care, and eventually inform new standards in aged care.

Wound Innovation chief executive Dr Anthony Dyer said: “The nation needs to have advanced tools, training and devices to ensure older Australians do not suffer or die from these avoidable and treatable injuries.”

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  1. Please let me know How can I find out more about this project? this innovation would make such a difference in diagnosing and ensuring the right treatment.