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Aged Care Quality Standards emphasise that the different RACF functions are interrelated. Image source: Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission website agedcarequality.gov.au

Stressed about the new Quality Standards? Webstercare® can help you stay compliant

Webstercare is ready to support Residential Aged Care Facilities adhere to new quality standards with its expert industry knowledge and range of gold standard systems, products and services.

The new Aged Care Quality Standards have shifted away from a ‘tick-a-box’ compliance exercise centered on objective evidence and now requires a qualitative evaluation of quality outcomes for the consumer.

While this consumer-centered approach may seem challenging, failing to address the practical implications for facilities, Webstercare offers a range of products and services which can help you and your staff plan and deliver safe, quality, consumer-centered care.

Our MedSig® electronic signing system, RxMedChart™ system, reporting tools and range of medication packs can all assist in meeting these quality standards, allowing you to stay adherent.


Consumer Dignity & Choice


 “I am treated with dignity and respect and can maintain my identity.  I can make informed choices about my care and services and live the life I choose.

Exercise independence and choice

Our MedSig® electronic signing system creates ease by allowing residents to have a say in where they wish to take their medications.

How? If a resident is not in their preferred location during a medication round, MedSig allows you to continue with the round and return to the resident when they are in a preferred location (such as their own room).

There’s no need to worry about forgetting to return to the resident – the MedSig system will trigger an alert to staff if a patient hasn’t been given their medication.

Provide current information in an accurate, timely manner

The system enables staff to fulfil this requirement by simply selecting the ‘details’ button to review information about each medication.

Manage personal information confidentially

  • The ‘leave trolley’ and ‘lock trolley’ feature enables staff to move away from the trolley without patient details being exposed or privacy breached.
  • When using the RxMedChart System, documents are kept in one private folder per resident, allowing for quick and easy access to their medication profile.

Personal Care & Clinical Care


“I get personal care, clinical care, or both personal care and clinical care, that is safe and right for me.”

Deliver safe and effective care and services

Our medication packs have been specially designed to support

best practice in aged care, allowing staff to remain confident, compliant, and have ultimate control over medication management.

Our gold standard range includes the Unit Dose 7®, Portion-pak® medication packs, and more!

  • Easy identification of medications, with coloured pill images on the Unit Dose 7 system and visual cues for special handling.
  • All medication-endorsed staff including RNs, ENs and Care Workers can safely administer resident medication.
  • Our Unit Dose 7 packs allow ceased medications to be easily and safely managed. To continue safely administering from packs containing ceased medication, simply place a ceased label over the column that is no longer required and continue to administer the required medications.
    A ceased trigger label can also be placed on the medication chart to alert staff.
  • With the RxMedChart™ system, medications are separated into specific categories which are identified by coloured bands. Each order will contain a large coloured pill image, and alerts as required, such as ‘Do not crush’ or ‘Not everyday’.

Human Resources


“I get quality care and services when I need them from people who are knowledgeable, capable and caring.”

Gain access to quality staff training and valuable reporting tools for effective care and clinical decision making

  •  Valuable reports based on analysis of patient data and medication rounds can be generated. These offer a better understanding of a resident’s health circumstances and help assess clinical care decisions and provide data to assist with staff requirements and recruitment.
  • Ongoing training and support is offered to all facilities to ensure that staff feel confident when new Webstercare systems are implemented.



“The organisations’ governing body is accountable for the delivery of safe and quality care and services.”


Where clinical care is provided – a clinical governance framework is including but not limited to the following:

 i.  Antimicrobial stewardship
ii. Minimising the use of restraint
iii. Open disclosure

Facilities with MedSig® Admin can generate and print reports in real time. Your Webstercare pharmacy can also provide useful reports such as the Falls and Confusion Predictive Analysis,

Antibiotics for UTIs, Psychotropic Use Analysis, and more.

Effective organisation wide governance systems relating to the following:

i. Information management
ii. Continuous improvement
iii. Regulatory compliance

Ensuring ongoing system availability and minimising system disruption is an important component in business continuity.

MedSig uses continuous synchronization to ensure you always have access to the most up to date resident and medication data at all times.

MedSig can also be used when systems are offline supporting your organisations contingency planning.

To find out more about how Webstercare can help your facility remain compliant, get in touch with us by calling 1800 244 358. 





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