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New ‘world-first’ Australian technology aims to fix falls in aged care

One in two aged care residents will have at least one fall each year. This figure goes up for those with dementia, as high as 90 per cent, and takes a massive economic toll on aged care homes, hospitals and of course has massive ramifications for the residents.

In 2015–16, there was an estimated 18,746 new hip fractures in Australia – around 199 hip fractures per 100,000 population aged 45 and over.

The highest number of fractures occurs between the ages of 75 and 89. Within the first 30 days of a fracture, between six and 10 per cent of patients die, and of those who transition out of hospital most will never fully recover.

An Australian company has created a patented artificial intelligence (AI) device that is able to detect if a loved one or patient suffers a fall in the home, hospital or aged care facility within two seconds.

The HomeGuardian, from HomeGuardian.ai, doesn’t need WIFI, internet connections or individual programming. The units only need to be plugged into power and placed in a good vantage point to monitor a room.

The HomeGuardian uses AI technology to alert carers of a fall Photo: Supplied

“Make no mistake – this device will save lives,” said HomeGuardian co-founder Kane Sajdak. “No wearables. No duress buttons. No smartwatches or apps. Just peace of mind that if your loved one is in trouble, their emergency contact will know about it within seconds.”

Aged Care Insite spoke with Sajdak to hear more about this “world-first” technology.

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