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Benetas steps forward on sensor floors

An Australian aged-care provider will be scoping out the benefits of sensor flooring. Benetas will install the technology, which originated from Aalto University, in Espoo, Finland, beneath the regular flooring at the provider’s new St Paul’s Terrace Aged Care Apartments aged-care ...

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Stakeholders react as consumers gain even more choice

Consumers will be able to take the care package they’re eligible for to the provider of their choice under a new system the government has introduced to Parliament. Instead of government allocating aged-care service providers for people, individuals will be able select a provider and, ...

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Parkinson’s lesser-known symptoms get spotlight

Healthcare workers attuned to the hidden bladder and bowel symptoms of Parkinson’s are better able to help mitigate their added burden, and peak bodies are working to raise awareness. Ahead of World Parkinson’s Day, on April 11, the Continence Foundation of Australia ...

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