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Touch therapy: teams look to fill idle hands

When people who have made things with their hands their entire lives reach late-stage dementia, they often sit still with nothing to occupy them. Addressing this is the key to an international research project. Researchers in the UK and Australia have partnered to ...

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Diligence and care urged in MS treatments

Australian researchers have warned that despite continued advances in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, the potential side effects and risks mean that an active management strategy and constant monitoring remain as essential as ever. Commenting on his team’s work, published ...

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Check health literacy to treat obesity, researchers say

Many Australian GPs wrongly assume obese patients are not sufficiently motivated to lose weight, a new study from UNSW says. The real issue could be poor health literacy – a lack of understanding of their own wellbeing, of what they can do to ...

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Cannabis trials to focus on quality of life

The palliative care provider set to lead the nation’s first medical cannabis trial states that the pilot could help improve the care of people with advanced or terminal illnesses. The state government-funded $9 million clinical trial is aiming to determine what role medical cannabis can play ...

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New skin cancer drug gets OK

A new drug for advanced basal cell carcinoma, an increasingly common cancer in the skin’s top layer, has won US Food and Drug Administration approval. Odomzo was approved for patients whose cancer hasn’t spread to other body parts, but recurred ...

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