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Watch for signs a resident will wander off

Research has revealed the likelihood that aged-care residents with dementia will wander into private spaces, and when and where it is most likely to occur. Study author Dr Margaret MacAndrew from Queensland University of Technology said the results show wandering ...

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Being dementia friendly, not dementia fearful

Organisations and community providers need to acknowledge and understand the fears that exist among staff surrounding dementia before positive change in the way care is provided can take place, a dementia consultant has argued. Michelle Harris, dementia consultant with Bethanie ...

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App and education help foster person-centred care

A mobile app and strong leadership are helping to ensure people with dementia receive individualised care, an academic has said. Care for a person with dementia is not always person-centred, Dr Lisa Clinnick said, and the institutionalised nature of care – the need to ...

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Boost in bile duct cancer battle

People suffering from bile duct cancer could be helped by a new drug class of experimental drug, a study has shown. Bile duct cancer, known as cholangiocarcinoma, is a rare but aggressive type of cancer. It does not typically respond ...

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New draft guidelines for choosing organ recipients

With demand for donor organs greatly outstripping availability, the NHMRC has released new draft guidelines it hopes will make decisions about choice of recipients and allocation easier. The draft document, Ethical Guidelines for Organ Transplantation from Deceased Donors was released ...

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