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MRI potential key to early Alzheimer’s diagnosis

New research has pointed to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) as a potential key to early diagnosis and possible treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at the University of Queensland’s Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) have published findings indicating that people with a ...

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Researchers target chemotherapy side effects

Better management of the body’s immune receptors could help doctors to reduce the severity of side effects and pain resulting from chemotherapy treatments for cancer according to University of Adelaide researchers. A paper, recently published in the journal Cancer Treatment ...

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Interview with Christine Neville

Health editor Dallas Bastian speaks to Dr Christine Neville, associate professor and head of the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Queensland and president of the Psychogeriatric Nurses Association, about aquatic exercise for individuals with a diagnosis of dementia. In ...

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GPs working heavier caseloads

GPs are working harder now than they were a decade ago and older patients accounted for about a third of their clinical workload in 2013–14, new research shows. The results come from two reports published today from the Family Medicine Research ...

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Mind + body, happy together

The links between mental and physical care must be acknowledged and understood to treat the whole patient. By Debra Thoms Understanding the integral link between physical and mental health is the first step towards providing positive, holistic care to those ...

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Nurses can inform palliative-care decisions

Nurses may realise early in the piece that patients are ready to move from life-prolonging treatment to palliative care but are unable to make that decision for them, a recent study has highlighted. University of Queensland School of Social Science associate ...

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