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Sounding out silence

Seniors live up to seven years in “silence” before seeking help for loss of hearing, said audiologist Jawan Haydar from National Hearing Care. “We estimate seniors are waiting on average about seven years from the time they first experience symptoms ...

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Blood toxin link to Alzheimer’s

Toxins in the brain that build up because the natural blood pumping mechanism has failed may be a cause of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at Monash University, in collaboration with a team at the University of Washington, are exploring ways to ...

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Beating the fear of falling

Researchers are calling for programs to restore people’s confidence after an accident. Amie Larter reports Falls and fall prevention have been well documented in recent years, as Australia realises the significant strain this common problem has on the health system. ...

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Testosterone and fish oil to treat Alzheimer’s

A researcher at Edith Cowan University (ECU) will undertake a world-first clinical trial using testosterone and fish oil to prevent or postpone Alzheimer’s disease. Professor Ralph Martins, ECU chair in Aging and Alzheimer’s disease and director at the Perth-based McCusker ...

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Bandaging key to wound care

Researchers are making great improvements in treatment of hard-to-heal wounds, a problem that costs the nation up to $3bn a year. Amie Larter reports Patients experiencing inflamed, weeping sores that are either reoccurring or fail to heal are typically suffering ...

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