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Home truths

Serious allegations of ill-treatment in residential care facilities were recently made on the ABC television program Lateline, but the solution isn’t simply a matter of more funding and tighter regulation.  The public crisis of trust that followed the report on ...

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Within reach of the best

Video-conferencing carts are bringing rural Queenslanders to specialists based in cities.  A video-conferencing pilot scheme is giving aged-care residents in rural Queensland access to specialised healthcare. Ouriptel is working closely with Queensland Health on a tele-health initiative that has Millmerran ...

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Say yes to yoga

Research confirms that yoga improves balance and mobility, and can also reduce the risk of falls.  Every year, a third of all Australians over 65 experiences a fall – reducing quality of life, independence and sometimes resulting in serious injury ...

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A new look at old wounds

Experts say limiting bandage options and providing special skin care can improve healing for aged patients.  Wound care management is a delicate matter. Ensuring that a wound doesn’t become infected is crucial. Amongst the elderly, whose recovery from illness and ...

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Mind the mind drugs

MJA report suggests steps for risk-management that can rein in the use of psychotropics.  Elderly residents of Australian nursing homes are being prescribed psychotropic medications in excess, in dangerous combinations and for too long, a Medical Journal of Australia report ...

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No reason for rations

NACA leads call for end to scheme that ‘limits choices and independence’ of seniors.  Many people are simply not receiving care or are getting an inappropriate form of it that does not meet their needs due to Australia’s aged-care rationing ...

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