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Change is coming

A new paper highlights the challenges for gay and lesbian seniors with dementia and has key messages for providers and care staff. Darragh O Keeffe reports. Tony Walsh and his partner of 20 years, Paul Wenn, recently had a difficult ...

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All about attitude

The words we use around people with dementia are important, but so too is how we say them, writes Jane Verity. To say darling or not to say darling – that is the question. The three words darling, dearie or ...

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The sound of feelings

Using music to enhance intimacy in aging couples affected by dementia. By Felicity Baker. Accessible care for people with dementia and their carers is crucial. However, spousal caregivers experience significant burden as they care for their spouse over long periods ...

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Snoezelen under the microscope

Australian researcher to examine multi-sensory therapies in residential care. The use and effectiveness of multi-sensory therapies, including Snoezelen rooms, for people with dementia is the subject of a new research project. Snoezelen rooms use various devices to stimulate the senses ...

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