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Breech babies

What is the best available evidence regarding the management of breech presentation? By Alexa McArthur RN RM MPHC Clinical bottom line Breech presentation occurs in 4 per cent of all singleton pregnancies, and as gestation increases, the proportion of breech ...

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The value of good nutrition

The importance of good nutrition in the healing of wounds is widely accepted, but still remains of low priority in health care. Dubbed a “hidden epidemic” by healthcare professionals, chronic wounds affect around 200,000 people in Australia at any one ...

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Sweet relief

Honey can help speed up healing in some burns. A cream commonly used to treat burns may actually delay healing, with some health professionals looking at more natural remedies. Increased understanding of the wound healing process means that there are ...

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Bringing the issue into focus

Jane Barry makes the link between nutrition and infant eye health. As an issue, infant eye health has not been high on the agenda for many child and family health nurses. It competes for attention and surveillance among other, often ...

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All about attitude

The words we use around people with dementia are important, but so too is how we say them, writes Jane Verity To say darling or not to say darling – that is the question. The three words darling, dearie or ...

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