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Live long & get by

Australians are working later in life to make ends meet. By James Wells With the average Australian life expectancy increasing, a report shows more and more senior citizens are working to finance their retirement. Life expectancy rates are more than 80 years ...

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Cannabis trials to focus on quality of life

The palliative care provider set to lead the nation’s first medical cannabis trial states that the pilot could help improve the care of people with advanced or terminal illnesses. The state government-funded $9 million clinical trial is aiming to determine what role medical cannabis can play ...

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Duo teams up to keep older Australians working

Two Australian organisations have signed a Statement of Intent to boost older people’s participation in the workforce. Under the partnership, the IRT Foundation and Australian Human Rights Commission will work with employers to find ways to keep older Australians in work. Alison Errey, head ...

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The next wave hits hard

Care workers and anyone who requires their services must brace for major impact from consumer-centred care. By Michael Fine We all know care is essential for human life. Yet only recently has it begun to receive the public attention it deserves. ...

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Few can pay to stay

Policy is designed to help more Australians live at home as long as possible but cost is forcing many out before they’re ready. We’ve read the stats about how many older people there will be in Australia in 2020. We’ve ...

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