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The new wave

Innovative provider says new residents want opportunity, not protection. Linda Belardi reports. Just as helicopter parents can stifle a child’s independence, overprotecting elderly Australians denies them the right to a self-determined and empowered life. Jane Mussared, General Manager for Health ...

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When complaints fall on deaf ears

The government’s handling of the independent review into the Complaints Investigation Scheme has angered the industry. Linda Belardi reports. Last month, following a six-month delay and buried in the series of COAG health reform announcements, the independent review into the ...

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A difficult balancing act

Overseas attempts to regulate the use of physical restraint in aged care facilities has reopened the debate in Australia. The Irish Minister for Older People and Health Promotion, Aine Brady, recently launched a public consultation process to assist with the ...

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Healthscope plans dead in the water?

Take over bid puts Healthscope plans for aged care on the skids? Megan Stoyles reports. The plans of Australia’s second largest publicly listed private health provider, Healthscope, to move into the aged care industry may not proceed as planned, with ...

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Providers respond to media claims of neglect

Bupa and Domain say they are looking into reports of maltreatment The two major aged care providers named in yesterday’s newspaper claims of poor resident care have said they are investigating the allegations. An article in yesterday’s ‘Sunday Telegraph’ claimed ...

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