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Need to complete antibiotics questioned

To the UK where where academics are questioning the benefits of completing courses of antibiotics … The need to complete a full course of antibiotics has been questioned by experts in the UK, who argue the deeply embedded message puts ...

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Tiny brain part may hold anti-ageing key

To the United States where academics have identified stem cell key to ageing … A vital pea-sized component of the brain may be the key to holding back ageing and extending the human lifespan, research suggests. The hypothalamus, a small ...

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Pay cut threat to home visits: doctors

Doctors are warning after-hours home visits will come to a screeching halt if their pay is cut in line with recommendations by an independent taskforce. The federal government’s review of Medicare items has investigated a boom in urgent after-hours home ...

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The cost of pain increasing in Australia

Chronic pain is costing many Australians more than their wellbeing. It’s also increasingly eating away at their bank balances. The cost of pain treatments, including physiotherapy and specialist appointments, has more than doubled since 2009. The monthly spend has risen from $231 ...

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Victoria closes in on assisted dying laws

Victoria’s assisted dying laws will be “the safest in the world”, says Premier Daniel Andrews. He has embraced a set of guidelines which would allow terminally ill Victorians to choose to die. A proposed timeline means eligible patients with less ...

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