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Dealing with norovirus

The elderly are at even greater risk than ever of contracting gastroenteritis. But this pandemic can be averted with the help of health professionals.  The so-called ‘Sydney 2012’ strain of norovirus is behind the recent gastro-pandemic in the UK, with ...

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A message from Professor Patsy Yates

To celebrate National Palliative Care Week, Palliative Care Australia is making end-of-life care everyone’s business. Throughout our lives, every one of us will experience the loss of someone close, whether a family member, neighbour or friend. At some point we ...

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Hitting the mark

Mary Casey provides an insight into the evolution of community care. It is twenty years since I established the Nursing Group and I am astonished at how much things have changed when it comes to community care. I founded the ...

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Cash for care

A recent program overview from the Department of Health and Ageing is clearly in favour of the ‘consumer’ model of care. But is that what we really need?  The term “consumer”, rather than “care recipient”, is used in this document.” ...

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Going to stay at home

The experience of caring for a family member living with dementia at home can as rewarding as it can be difficult, challenging and even exhausting. Research has shown the extent to which carers suffer from depression and have difficulty in ...

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