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Fit for Life

Elders are being put through their paces in an innovative fitness program, with encouraging results, writes Megan Stoyles. Aged care residents in South Australia are lining up to join a bootcamp which is providing fitness, fun and a better outlook ...

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Out of sight, out of mind

Ageism is rife among those who are planning, designing and building aged care facilities and retirement villages. Megan Stoyles reports. Professionals involved in the policy, design and planning of residential care are frequently motivated by ageist stereotypes and assumptions about ...

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Giving outbreaks the serve

It’s the word we dare not say in the kitchen. Gaye Philpott tackles the dreaded norovirus. Norovirus has become a buzz-word in my region in recent months due to a number of outbreaks. Several wards at the main hospital and ...

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A very weighty issue

Failing to thrive should not be considered a normal part of ageing, writes Karyn Matterson. Although the term is viewed by some as rather dated, geriatric failure to thrive (GFTT) is a syndrome that is characterised by a loss of ...

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Mind,body and soul

Coastal walks, dancing, music and singing, big bands, tea dances, sports events, fun on the farm, gala opera nights and wheelchair dancing – these are just some of the colourful components of the lifestyle program at the Brotherhood of St ...

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