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Reclaiming a pre-diagnosis life

Reclaim it – go back to your pre-diagnosis life. That’s one of key pieces of advice consumer advocate Kate Swaffer would give to someone with a recent diagnosis of dementia. “[For] probably the first 18 months, I was reeling from ...

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Diversity in dementia research vital, expert says

Greater support is needed for diverse and outside-the-box approaches to researching dementia causes and treatments, a leading expert has said. Speaking at the National Dementia Congress taking place in Melbourne last week, Dr Bryce Vissel – head of neurodegeneration research at ...

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Lazarus backs nurses on staffing concerns

The Palmer United Party has thrown its weight behind the ANMF’s ongoing campaign to improve nurse-to-patient staffing ratios in aged care. ANMF leaders met with senator Glenn Lazarus in Canberra earlier this week and said the PUP Senate leader pledged ...

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CDC Summit: licence bias and IT providers

In the latest aged-care approval rounds, few consumer directed care (CDC) licences went to the private sector. There is a bias,  SummitCare chief executive Cynthia Payne said at a CDC summit in Sydney recently. “As a private provider trying to get into that ...

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$54.5 million to build dementia response teams

The federal government is to commit $54.5 million over four years towards dementia support services for the establishment of a number of new Severe Behaviour Response Teams (SBRT). In a statement, assistant minister for social services Mitch Fifield explained that ...

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