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Draft national guidelines for dementia available

The Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre (CDPC) has released a consultation draft of Australia’s first national guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of dementia. The release of the document, to which responses and submissions will remain open until May 15, is part ...

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Most don’t ask advice before crushing pills

Most people who modify medication dosage forms, potentially reducing their effectiveness, do so without seeking advice from healthcare professionals, a recent study has found. About 44 per cent of the 369 respondents in the study did not think there would ...

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Palliative Care backs medicinal cannabis

Medicinal cannabis, if found to be safe and effective, should be made available to Australians with specific symptoms, the peak palliative care body has argued. Palliative Care Australia said its submission on the Regulator of Medicinal Cannabis Bill 2014 supports ...

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NHMRC: no evidence homeopathy works

There is no evidence that homeopathy is effective in treating health conditions, a review has found. The National Health and Medical Research Council found the body of evidence doesn’t support the case that homeopathy works better than placebo, or causes ...

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Dementia and the survival of the self

The importance of the feeling of erosion of self in dementia and the accompanying fear was one of the focuses a presentation at the National Dementia Congress. Conjoint associate professor and clinical director at the Aged Care and Rehabilitation Network ...

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Reclaiming a pre-diagnosis life

Reclaim it – go back to your pre-diagnosis life. That’s one of key pieces of advice consumer advocate Kate Swaffer would give to someone with a recent diagnosis of dementia. “[For] probably the first 18 months, I was reeling from ...

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