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Many cavities in oral care, survey finds

There is a stark gap between what aged-care workers believe is appropriate oral care and what they see being delivered, new research has found. In a recent study, associate professor Bronwyn Hemsley from the University of Newcastle, along with researchers ...

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Depression linked to risk of back pain

People with depression are 60 per cent more likely to develop lower back pain in their lifetime, new research has found. It also found the risk of lower back pain increased in patients with more severe levels of depression. The ...

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Lifeline keeps looking to do more

More can be done to help older Australians who may be feeling discriminated against for their age or experiencing chronic illness, or who are depressed or lonely, support service Lifeline has said. Lifeline spokesperson Dominic Lavers said it’s important that older ...

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Adelaide seniors get moving on public transport

On average, Adelaide’s Seniors Card holders are making more than 150,000 rides on public transport in the metropolitan area each week, a recent study has found. Study lead Dr Helen Feist, acting director of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre ...

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