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Podcast: Interview with Jean-Paul Bell

For the final podcast in the creative ageing series, Aged Care Insite spoke to the creative director of the Arts Health Institute Jean-Paul Bell. Bell is co-founder of the Humour Foundation and authored a book in 2010 called Laughter is ...

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Podcast: Interview with Sue Broadway

The Play Up Convention will feature a workshop and talk from one the founding members of Circus Oz, Sue Broadway. She is the artistic director at Westside Circus in Melbourne and a creative fellow at the State Library of Victoria. ...

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Podcast: Interview with Bridget Brandon

In the next instalment of our creative ageing podcast series, Bridget Brandon sheds light on life writing. Brandon is the founder of Storyworks – a company that helps teach people how to write their life story. She will also be ...

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Podcast: Interview with Tim Sharp

Aged Care Insite spoke to Dr Timothy Sharp, adjunct professor in positive psychology at the University of Technology, Sydney and RMIT University. Sharp runs a clinical psychology practice and executive coaching practice and is the founder of The Happiness Institute, ...

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Podcast: Interview with Roslyn Oades

Director Roslyn Oades has created a new stage show where young actors tell the stories of people in aged care and senior actors tell audiences what it’s like to be finishing school. Hello, Goodbye & Happy Birthday is a headphone ...

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