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Interview with Christine Neville

Health editor Dallas Bastian speaks to Dr Christine Neville, associate professor and head of the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Queensland and president of the Psychogeriatric Nurses Association, about aquatic exercise for individuals with a diagnosis of dementia. In ...

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Interview with the world dementia envoy

Dr Dennis Gillings was appointed world dementia envoy by UK Prime Minister David Cameron on behalf of the then G8 group of nations in February. His role as envoy is to reduce barriers to investment in research, improve drug development ...

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Podcast: Interview with Jean-Paul Bell

For the final podcast in the creative ageing series, Aged Care Insite spoke to the creative director of the Arts Health Institute Jean-Paul Bell. Bell is co-founder of the Humour Foundation and authored a book in 2010 called Laughter is ...

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Podcast: Interview with Sue Broadway

The Play Up Convention will feature a workshop and talk from one the founding members of Circus Oz, Sue Broadway. She is the artistic director at Westside Circus in Melbourne and a creative fellow at the State Library of Victoria. ...

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Podcast: Interview with Bridget Brandon

In the next instalment of our creative ageing podcast series, Bridget Brandon sheds light on life writing. Brandon is the founder of Storyworks – a company that helps teach people how to write their life story. She will also be ...

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Podcast: Interview with Tim Sharp

Aged Care Insite spoke to Dr Timothy Sharp, adjunct professor in positive psychology at the University of Technology, Sydney and RMIT University. Sharp runs a clinical psychology practice and executive coaching practice and is the founder of The Happiness Institute, ...

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