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Healing the child

The time has come for nurses to specialise in specific categories. Should paediatric nursing be one of them? By Louis White For a parent, there is nothing more precious than the welfare of their children. This care escalates off the ...

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Coping with the wait

A surgical liaison nurse can help families and friends cope with a very worrying time and assist with the smooth running of a hospital. By Michelle Stubbs A push to lure staff to this area of nursing has been hit ...

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Surgeon’s assistants take nursing in a new direction

Perioperative nurse surgeon assistants are a dynamic group of advanced-practice nurses redefining traditional roles. Linda Belardi reports With historical origins tracing back to the Crimean war, nurses have long acted as first assistants to surgeons, opening and closing wounds and ...

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High performance under pressure

Hyperbaric medicine is a growing and highly specialised field of nursing. Linda Belardi reports on the world’s most advanced facility. As the home to the world’s largest and most advanced hyperbaric chamber, Australia is fast becoming a global leader in ...

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Moving from clinics to courts

Amanda Gossman combined her clinical expertise as a registered nurse with an interest in the law to forge a new career as a legal nurse consultant. Linda Belardi reports. Legal nurse consulting is an emerging specialty area for nurses. First ...

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Preparation is key to success

Transition to remote area nursing – orientating nurses new to remote and indigenous health. Given the unique context, and the inseparable work and living conditions in which remote area practitioners provide health care services, it is of utmost importance that ...

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