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Don’t call us, we’ll call you

New technology will revolutionise how rehabilitation services are delivered to the elderly. Beverley Head reports. A Queensland start-up company is developing a new version of a portable computer system which will connect over wireless phone networks to allow a range ...

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On the record

The government is behind on e-health records, but providers are making it happen for themselves. Beverley Head reports. A degree of impatience is surfacing regarding the sluggish progress on the proposed national system for electronic health and medical records. For ...

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Clever communications

From improving service provision to reducing loneliness and isolation, there will be profound benefits from the impending boost to the nation’s broadband. Beverley Head reports. Aged care is one of the sectors expected to benefit most from the advent of ...

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When the price is right

More and more providers may be looking to technology to increase efficiencies, but many still haven’t worked out the true costs involved. Beverley Head reports. While aged care in recent years has become increasingly computer literate, compared to many other ...

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