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The real-life impact of aged-care funding policy

A collision between the personal and the political. As a researcher and academic, I’ve often studied national budgets, demographic projections and care costs and written about paying for aged care. Now it’s become personal. Like so many others, we found ...

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HESTA awards bring community appeal

Community connections were a common thread among the three winners at the 2015 HESTA Aged Care Awards. Each spoke of the partnerships they’d made with other community members or organisations after receiving the recognition. Paul Brophy, manager of the Brotherhood ...

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Lack of sleep raises chances of colds

People who do not get enough sleep are four times more likely than their well-rested counterparts to catch a cold, US researchers say. The findings in the journal Sleep are based on a study of 164 volunteers who allowed themselves ...

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PBO putting Medicare under the spotlight

The independent Parliamentary Budget Office will cast a critical eye over Medicare and other health spending this financial year. Its 2015/16 work plan released on Monday says the PBO said it will scrutinise Medicare spending over the past decade together ...

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Roof collapses on elderly SA woman

An elderly Adelaide woman has been trapped waist-deep in rubble after her white ant-infested bedroom ceiling fell on her. The 82-year-old had a call alert button and was able to summon help to her Payneham home just after 11pm on ...

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