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Robot seal helpful in treating dementia

When Paro the robotic seal was launched a few years ago it generated widespread coverage. Now Griffith University has published research to show that even robotic animals can have significant, albeit modest, benefits for those with dementia. The research, published ...

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Shooter video games damage brain: study

Playing violent “shooter” video games can damage the brain and might even increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers claim. A study has shown habitual players of action games have fewer neurons in their hippocampus, a key memory centre in ...

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New name, branding, uniforms for RSL Care + RDNS

RSL Care + RDNS will now be known as Bolton Clarke. The organisation was formed following a merger between the two organisations in 2015. Chief executive Stephen Muggleton said while the previous names served the respective organisations well in their own markets, ...

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Dying to Know Day

Dying to Know Day is an annual event, occurring on 8 August in 2017. This yearly event, which started in 2013, is about promoting death literacy in the wider community to ensure end of life wishes are met. There are ...

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Euthanasia to dominate Victorian MP debate

The winter break is over and Victoria’s parliamentarians are set to return to passionate debate on whether they will give the state’s terminally ill a choice on when they die. Legislation on assisted dying is not expected to be introduced ...

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