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Flu season kills 116 seniors

Victoria’s horror flu season has killed 116 people in aged care and the government is pouring an extra $115 million into the health system to help it cope. A government spokeswoman confirmed on Monday the aged care death tally had ...

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Heart disease top cause of death

Leading causes of death in Australia: ISCHAEMIC HEART DISEASE Ischaemic heart disease remained the nation’s top killer, with 12 per cent of all deaths at an average age of 85.1 years. It killed 19,077 people, down from 19,777 in 2015. ...

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Fear of ageing needs to change

A fear of ageing prevents us from ageing well, but these fears are based on falsehoods, according to a new study. This was the major finding from The Drivers of Ageism, released by Australian charity The Benevolent Society. Commissioned by ...

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Dementia concerns for Australian women

Australian drug deaths have reached their highest level since the height of the 1990s heroin epidemic while dementia has become the biggest killer of Aussie women. Heart disease has long been the nation’s number one killer but as its death ...

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