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Intergenerational program benefits seniors and kids

A new intergenerational program is making waves in the aged care sector and building positive relationships between seniors and the younger generation. Not-for-profit organisation Community Vision developed the new program “to bring together young and old for mutually beneficial outcomes”. ...

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VIC MPs continue marathon death debate

Tired Victorian MPs have sat all night and are now almost 24 hours into a marathon sitting debating controversial voluntary euthanasia laws. Politicians brought their toothbrushes and pillows to the upper house on Tuesday night as opponents continued digging in ...

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Breakthrough in battle against sepsis

Australian researchers have discovered a molecule that could be used to treat sepsis, potentially saving millions of lives each year. Sepsis occurs when the body’s immune response to an infection starts to damage its own tissues and organs. It causes ...

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New tool helps dementia carers and health staff

Curtin University researchers believe a new communication tool could help the millions of people hospitalised with dementia worldwide each year. The latest round of research – published in the peer-reviewed journal Dementia – tested the feasibility of carers, hospital staff ...

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Computer brain training cuts dementia risk

Computerised brain-training focused on mental quickness can reduce the risk of dementia among older adults by a third, a study has shown. The ACTIVE Study enrolled 2802 healthy older adults at six sites around the US and followed them for ...

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