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Everyone has to be part of cybersecurity, not just IT

The healthcare sector has embraced a range of digital technologies, from interconnected Internet of Things (IoT) devices to advanced telehealth services, all in the pursuit of enhanced patient care. While this has improved accessibility and efficiency, it has also significantly ...

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Raising the standards

The government decided against registration for personal care workers in its recent aged care reforms, but that doesn’t mean the debate has ceased. Antonia Maiolo reports. From cleaning and washing clothes, to cooking meals, to shopping, showering and grooming, Justine ...

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Breaking down the silos

An education project has been designed to bridge the gap between primary and acute healthcare. By Linda Belardi. Rural acute care nurses will be targeted in an education program designed to help drive down avoidable readmissions in NSW hospitals. From ...

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The impact of good nursing care

A nurse-led study has profoundly influenced our understanding not only of stroke care but how to change clinicians' behaviour. Acute stroke patients who receive three clinical protocols to manage fever, sugar and swallowing are 16 per cent more likely to ...

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Education the silver bullet

Study shows information is a powerful weapon in combating depression among the elderly. Education is the key to reducing depression in older Australians, according to a new study from The Australian National University. Professor Helen Christensen and Dr Janine Walker ...

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