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Everyone has to be part of cybersecurity, not just IT

The healthcare sector has embraced a range of digital technologies, from interconnected Internet of Things (IoT) devices to advanced telehealth services, all in the pursuit of enhanced patient care. While this has improved accessibility and efficiency, it has also significantly ...

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Free shingles vaccination program

Nearly five million older and immunocompromised Australians will be given free access to a shingles vaccine starting from 1 November. Shingles, which is also known as herpes zoster, is caused by the same virus as chickenpox and presents itself as ...

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Staying nourished with Parkinson’s disease

Research estimates that more than 110,000 Australians may be living with Parkinson’s disease, a neurodegenerative disorder characterised by reduced control of fine motor skills, tremors, slowness of movements, impaired mobility, swallowing issues and impaired speech. As a result, staying nourished ...

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Sanctioned facility responds

Implementing action plan overseen by nurse advisor. The NSW facility under sanction as of last Friday is implementing an action plan which will be supervised by an independent nurse advisor. Charles Wurf, CEO of ACAA NSW, also said Fairfield Nursing ...

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