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Older men a suicide risk

More males over the age of 85 years are reported to commit suicide than in any other age group in Australia, and at more than five times the rate of females in the same age group. And up to 83 ...

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International headlines

Overseas nurses may face more hoops to nurse in NZ Nurses trained in India and the Philippines may have to sit an exam and face tougher English language requirements to nurse in New Zealand. The Nursing Council of New Zealand ...

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Push to save young lives

A landmark report on youth suicide in the Northern Territory calls for better training of nurses in indigenous and mental health to help turn around the alarming statistics, writes Darren Marra. Mental health care groups have welcomed a report into ...

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Defence suicide rate lower than community

New insights into the mental health of Australia’s defence force. Australian defence personnel commit suicide at a lower rate than the general community but think about it more often, a new study has revealed. The rate of alcohol abuse is ...

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