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Mother’s height linked to pregnancy length

Shorter mothers have genes that increase their chances of giving birth to smaller or prematurely born babies, research has shown. A study of 3485 women and infants from Finland, Denmark and Norway found that every centimetre of extra height increased ...

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Three’s a blessing

A multiple birth brings excitement, anxiety and ultimately happiness to a pediatric hospital in Afghanistan. By Ally Moebus With nervous anticipation, I stood in Dasht-e-Barchi operating theatre. I’d spent most of my nursing career in Australia working at a tertiary ...

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ANMF doesn’t accept visa

Union says current work programs need to change because they’re taking jobs from Australians and exploiting migrant workers. By Amie Larter Australia’s temporary work visa programs are having negative impacts on both Australian graduates and 457 workers, the nursing union says. ...

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Dementia disease burden outstrips trial activity

A review has found there is far less clinical trial activity related to dementia than researchers expected, given the condition’s growing prevalence and national disease burden. The analysis, carried out by researchers at the National Health and Medical Research Council ...

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Hike in allergy reactions for kids, 5-14

The number of Australians hospitalised with severe life-threatening allergic reactions has increased by 50 per cent between 2005 and 2012. Hospital admissions increased in all age groups, while the highest rates are still for patients under five with the cause ...

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Nurses, midwives say TPP will weaken health systems

Nurses have penned an open letter to trade ministers and government leaders warning about a range of detrimental effects on Australia’s and other nations’ health systems from a key international trade agreement. The controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been spruiked by the Australian ...

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