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Union boss avoids jail for defrauding members

Health union boss Kathy Jackson “selfishly” rorted thousands from members and spent the money on a lavish lifestyle, including overseas shopping trips and expensive art. The 52-year-old has avoided jail for using work credit cards and dubious expense claims to ...

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SA restrictions as Parafield COVID cluster grows

South Australia recorded just two new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, as health authorities announced a lockdown for six days. There are currently 22 linked cases to the Parafield cluster. There are also an additional seven people either waiting test results ...

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Aussies moving 100km to enter aged care: report

Sydney to Katoomba. Melbourne to Ballarat. Perth to Waroona. Those are the kinds of distances people in non-metropolitan areas travel from their home to enter residential aged care. New research, released by the royal commission, revealed that many Australians move ...

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