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Older adults could have virus vaccine boost

New vaccine technology being used to fight cancer and influenza could be re-tooled to help protect the elderly against coronavirus. Researchers from Monash University and the National University of Singapore say their studies have triggered long-term immunity in animals. “Given ...

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Oxford, AstraZeneca resume vaccine trial

The University of Oxford has announced it is resuming a trial for a coronavirus vaccine it is developing with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, a move that comes days after the study was suspended following a reported side-effect in a UK patient. ...

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Keating pitches HECS-style aged care loans

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating has told the aged care royal commission it should consider recommending a HECS-style loan for older Australians to pay for their care. At today’s hearing, Keating said the approach was superior to a pre-funding model, ...

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Aged care funding under inquiry spotlight

Aged care providers aren’t properly revealing how they spend billions of dollars of federal government funding and a major overhaul of the sector is needed, the aged care royal commission has heard. A seven-day hearing is examining the sector’s financial ...

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