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‘Saturated fat not cause of heart disease’: study

It’s time to stop demonising saturated fats and focus on a healthy lifestyle to prevent heart disease, some experts say. The widely held belief that dietary saturated fat clogs up the arteries and so causes coronary heart disease is just ...

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Exercise and tai chi keeps mind sharp for over 50s

Taking up exercise at any age is worthwhile for the brain, Australian research shows. A study published in the British Medical Journal of Sports Medicine has found exercising for at least 45 minutes several times a week can boost brain ...

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Diet drinks linked to stroke, dementia

Drinking at least one artificially sweetened drink every day has been associated with a three times greater risk of having a stroke or developing dementia, according to a US study. The researchers of the Boston University study, published in medical ...

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Salt makes you hungry not thirsty: study

Salt actually makes you hungrier not thirstier, according to a new study. German researchers at the Max Delburck Center for Molecular Medicine (MDC) studied two separate groups of 10 men during a simulation of a trip to Mars at the ...

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Hold off the fat to ease osteoarthritis

Eating fatty foods could be more damaging to the cartilage in your knees and other joints than everyday wear and tear caused by walking and other exercise, Australian researchers say. Cartilage, which acts as a shock absorber for joints, is ...

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