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Increasing waistline increases your dementia risk

Harmful body fat could increase your risk of dementia, Australian researchers have found.  Researchers at the University of South Australia looked at the grey brain matter of about 28,000 people, and saw that increased body fat incrementally leads to increased ...

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Abbott pledges $200 million to fight dementia

The Coalition pledges to help make Australia a world leader in Alzheimer’s fight. The Coalition will provide $200 million over five years for dementia research if elected, Opposition leader Tony Abbott announced in late August. About 1700 new cases of ...

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Spend on dementia research criticised

Despite the impending epidemic, annual spend on dementia research is $20 million, compared to $160 million for cancer. The release of the ‘World Alzheimer Report 2010’ in Sydney recently has reinforced the seriousness of the impending dementia epidemic, but it ...

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