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Sim City

Mary Casey reveals the benefits of education in a simulated environment. Simulated training is an educational concept that all nursing and allied health colleges should be offering students. Teaching multiple objectives in a ‘real life’ environment can grow confidence, encourage ...

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Advances to ovarian cancer treatment

Promising Australian research could lead to improved ovarian cancer management and prevention strategies, say researchers. A large study of Australian ovarian cancer patients has the potential to reshape the way the disease is treated, researchers say. The Peter MacCallum Cancer ...

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At crisis point

Without improved communication between health professionals, mental health outcomes will remain less than perfect. Annie May reports. Sometimes homeless, at times experiencing problems with drugs or alcohol or simply suffering a mental health episode - people with a mental illness ...

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Breech babies

What is the best available evidence regarding the management of breech presentation? By Alexa McArthur RN RM MPHC Clinical bottom line Breech presentation occurs in 4 per cent of all singleton pregnancies, and as gestation increases, the proportion of breech ...

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