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An invitation from RCNA CEO – What I wish I knew about nursing

Nurses are being asked to share their stories for a new book.

Like everything we undertake, nursing is a journey. As nurses, we learn from our experiences, and sometimes from our mistakes. We also draw guidance from the experience of our nursing leaders, mentors, colleagues and friends.

I am thrilled to announce that RCNA is partnering with two of the creators of the bestselling What I Wish I Knew book series, Allie and Marty Wilson, to produce a very special, limited edition volume full of wisdom from our nursing profession.

This new addition to the What I Wish I Knew series will comprise stories and insights from our nursing colleagues that have been gathered along their nursing journeys.

This wisdom can then be passed on to each new generation of nurses, who will benefit from the hindsight of those who have gone before them. I invite you to be part of the development of this special book.

If you have a pearl of wisdom, a special story or even a mistake that you learnt from that you would like to share from your personal nursing journey, I encourage you to send them in and take part in this fantastic project.

This book will be a celebration of what I call ‘the art of nursing’ – our empathy, skills and courage - that makes our profession unique.  It will be a wonderful reminder of the vital role nurses play in our wider community.

Please visit www.rcna.org.au to fill out the questionnaire and terms and conditions if you wish to be involved. If you have any queries, please contact Helen Goodall, Executive Officer, RCNA, at [email protected].

Do you have an idea for a story?
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