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Build a better daydream

Living one’s dream requires so much more than entertaining oneself with fantasies inside one’s head. 

To manifest our dreams, we must start, maintain and finish a plan of action, just like a care plan we create for our clients.

If our thoughts create our realities, then daydreams contribute to our realities because they are conscious thoughts our imagination forms.

Daydreams can build an escape hatch from life, or they can become a pathway to the life we yearn for. Escaping our reality and creating it are two completely different energies, which drive our realities in two different directions. When we choose the escape path, we flee our reality. But when we take the alternate route, we are leading our realities to build the life we truly want.

Daydreams filled with wistful self-talk about how it could be or how it is for others drive us to a dead end of futile thinking and aimlessness. Conversely, daydreams that trigger a physiology of turbocharged excitement inspire and motivate us to take actions to achieve our dreams.
When you live your dream, how do you do that? Are you fleeing your reality, or building the reality your heart truly wants? Do your dreams deliver you to a mindset of futile wishing, or do they escort you to an empowered place of irresistible action?

Moira Maraun, RN, nurse consultant master practitioner and certified trainer, NLP

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