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Depression therapies go head to head

Study compares effectiveness of two well-known treatments.  GPs are being called to participate in a world-first study exploring the treatment of depression in older people who live with chronic health conditions. The project, partially funded by beyondblue, is the first ...

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New look can help now

Don’t wait for the next generation of hospitals, a few changes can make current environments better for dementia patients. Admission to hospital can be a confusing and frightening experience for people with dementia. Their problems with memory, orientation and confusion ...

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Screening for COPD depression link

Research has found that depression and anxiety adversely affect prognosis for COPD patients, and even lead to increased mortality.  The connection between chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and depression could point to better health outcomes. Research has suggested that given the ...

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Incontinence takes mental toll on women

Middle aged women are more inclined to suffer depression from incontinence, said University of Adelaide research. In a study of the experiences of women with urinary incontinence, researcher Jodie Avery found that women with incontinence, aged 43-65, were more likely ...

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More emergency admissions for depressed older men

Older men suffering depression are at higher risk of hospitalisation for non-psychiatric conditions, according to a recent study. Published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, findings from the study highlight the need for the introduction of strategies to identify and ...

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Older men a suicide risk

More males over the age of 85 years are reported to commit suicide than in any other age group in Australia, and at more than five times the rate of females in the same age group. And up to 83 ...

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