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Innovative exercise park in aged care

For the first time an exercise park has been installed in a residential aged care facility in Victoria with the aim to help residents to improve their strength, balance and mobility. This is the third exercise park established under the ...

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Head injuries skyrocket in older people

Fall-related head injuries among older Australians have nearly doubled over the past decade. Research released today looked at people aged 65 or older, comparing head injury rates from 2016–17 to figures from 2007–08. In men, the rate increased from 469 ...

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Older Aussies less trusting of aged care

Australians still don’t trust aged care. The 2019 Inside Aged Care report, which samples 1547 people across Australia, revealed only 20 per cent of Australians trust the industry. This was in line with the findings from the previous year’s report, ...

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