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Social climbing

An online presence is becoming an essential career enhancement tool.  Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – are you on board? Recent statistics reveal more than 13 million Australians are on Facebook, 3.5 million have a LinkedIn profile and 2.5 million tweet on Twitter ...

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That ranting post could cost you your job

The law around commenting on employers and workplaces via social media is evolving but it’s a safe bet it will always be a bad idea.  In the last column, we explored some real life examples of nurses/midwives misusing social media ...

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Sharing isn’t always caring

Real-world examples can help workers understand when social media posts aren’t such a great idea.  Nurses are using social media in ever-growing numbers. So they need to be aware of behaviour and conduct that could breach their legal, professional and ...

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Symbiosis with social media

Social media has a big role to play in the nursing industry, but first nurses must be educated on how to best use it and avoid the pitfalls that come with it.  How can you perform multifaceted communication with the ...

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Data at the speed of life

Experts discuss how access to big data can advance patient care.  In a world of technology moving at a breakneck speed, detecting and analysing health situations as they happen in real time is no longer an impossibility, as more and ...

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‘Like’ after death

Social media is transforming the way we communicate our wishes, such as organ donation, writes Holly Northam Facebook has introduced a tool allowing users in Australia to display their organ donation status to their friends, following the introduction of the ...

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