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QLD Health plan criticised as spin

QLD Premier Anna Bligh has released details of the state’s planned health restructure.

Anna Bligh's plan for an overhaul of Queensland's health system has been dismissed by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) as little more than political spin.

AMA Queensland President Dr Richard Kidd also accused the premier of continuing to lie about the state of the health system.

The premier unveiled a report on the weekend detailing her government's plan to abolish Queensland Health, describing it as the biggest decentralisation of the public sector in the state's history. Bligh said the plan details the most significant shake-up of health ever in Queensland.

The report was ordered after the alleged embezzlement of more than $16 million by a former Queensland Health executive, and failures in the Department's new multi -million dollar payroll system.

"This report under my government will be implemented in full - lock, stock and barrel," Bligh told reporters.

"It is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to start from scratch and deliver the health system Queenslanders want and deserve."

Health and Hospitals Queensland will lead policy development and innovation in the delivery of hospital and clinical services with a staff of around 1700.

The Health Corporate Services Authority, with a staff of over 4200, will be responsible for providing corporate services to support frontline staff, overseeing finance, human resources, information and communications technology and delivering core health services through 17 local networks.

Kidd said many parts of Queensland need more hospital beds, and a lot more doctors and nurses.

"There was nothing about that in today's presentation and the lying continues," he told AAP.

"The premier is saying Queensland's got the shortest elective waiting list in Australia but the only reason that's so is we've been hiding the waiting list for the waiting list.

"Now we have the new development that people are not even going to get on a waiting list for the waiting list. It's just appalling."

Dr Kidd agreed with the opposition's claim that the plan was merely political spin ahead of an expected election announcement.

"I think it would be that, yes," he said.

"The system is in crisis ... by all means get rid of the bloating of the bureaucracy which has been choking clinical services.

"But let's talk about how the government is going to invest in more doctors, nurses and beds," Dr Kidd said.

Opposition health spokesperson Mark McArdle said the plan was a panicked and desperate move by a government that has run out of ideas on the eve of an election and the opposition would not be forced into adopting it.

"We will change the culture of Queensland Health by changing the government ... we will be holding ministers accountable for the performance of Queensland Health."


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