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Bringing it together

The first National Nursing Forum will explore the power of synergy. 

Nurses from around the nation will descend upon the Australian capital from October 20–22 to attend the inaugural National Nursing Forum.

Hosted by the Australian College of Nursing, the event brings together members of the profession for three days of discussion around the opportunities they face and ways to move the industry forward – together.

“As the world becomes increasingly inter-connected and interdependent, it is critical that nurses come together to develop national perspectives on the future of the profession and healthcare,”

ACN CEO Debra Thoms says. “Coming together enables us to learn from one another, be challenged to reflect on our own practice and the systems we work within, and hopefully take home some new ideas and strategies to implement in our workplaces and practices that will contribute to improving healthcare.”

The theme, Success Through Synergy, builds on the unification of The College of Nursing and Royal College of Nursing, Australia just over 18 months ago, and aims to promote the notion of working together to achieve outcomes not possible individually.

A strong line-up of prominent nurse leaders, policymakers, clinicians, researchers, nurse educators and academics features within the program, which allows delegates to explore a range of themes in their own practice area or across a range of areas.

“Nurses in Australia are the predominant health professional group and the health system will increasingly depend on our unique expertise to meet both existing and emerging healthcare challenges,” Thoms says. “But we also need to work with our colleagues in all health professions, as well as consumers and other stakeholders, to address the challenges that are putting a strain on healthcare delivery in Australia today.”

The first day of the event is exclusive to ACN members, allowing them the opportunity to identify key priorities for the organisation over the next 12 months, meet the president and board members, and discuss representation and advocacy positions and initiatives.

Days two and three are open to the broader nursing profession and will include a welcome address by Commonwealth Chief Nurse Dr Rosemary Bryant, as well as addresses from acclaimed speakers.

The program will be challenging and inspiring, facilitate discussion and networking, expose delegates to insightful new ideas and provide a range of learning opportunities.

“Delegates will [be exposed] to new information and knowledge, have an opportunity to network and debate with colleagues and [leave] with up to 19.5 CPD hours,” Thoms says. “I have no doubt they will walk away with a newly invigorated perspective on the direction of our profession.”

Dr Louise Mahler
Keynote address
The Missing Link, Getting your day to hum
When: Day two
Time: 9:25 – 10:25am

Communications specialist Louise Mahler is a proven performer committed to helping individuals and groups understand her unique perspective on the unsung wisdom of voice. Mahler says voice is a critical component of personal presence and a thermometer of influence. This session will break the common myths holding people back from vocal success, clear communication and influence.

Attendees will learn about their vocal options and why voice is important to motivating and inspiring others.

Professor Philip Darbyshire
Invited speaker
Fallen Angels? Responding to nursing’s crisis in care
When: Day two
Time: 11:00 – 11:40am 

A professor of nursing at Monash University, adjunct professor at University of Western Sydney and 2012 Social Media Nurse of the Year, Philip Darbyshire is well recognised as a leader in nursing and healthcare research and practice development.

In his address, Darbyshire will explain why nursing is on notice, and why thanks to the Mid Staffs scandal and other reports and inquiries (especially in the UK), nurses no longer enjoy protected species status.

He believes criticisms of nurses that would once be unthinkable are now commonplace, and that it is the response of the individual and nursing as a profession that will test character, determination and professionalism.

Uncomfortable but necessary, Darbyshire’s address will explain why as nurses it is imperative to tackle this head on and not shy away.

Professional speaker Robyn Moore
Keynote address
The Power of the Word … BIG Words, BIG Synergy, BIG Possibilities!
When: Day three
Time: 9.00 – 10.00am

Robyn Moore is one of Australia’s most sought after speakers for both national and international conferences. Organisations throughout the country rave about her ability to connect with any type of audience; her presentations are described as life-changing and dynamic.

Moore uses the power of the word to help people recognise old habits and behaviours and take responsibility for choices, which in turn allows people to realise and create outcomes they want in their professional and personal lives.

Throughout what is set to be a highly entertaining and inspiring presentation, Moore will inspire you to re-engage, realign, reinvent and regenerate at all levels – work, home, family and friends.

Professor Michael Carter
Invited speaker
Meeting the emerging primary care needs of Australia by nurses and nurse practitioners
When: Day three
Time: 3:25 – 4:05pm

Family nurse and geriatric nurse practitioner Michael Carter, a fellow in the American Academy of Nursing as well as a distinguished practitioner in the National Academies of Practice, will discuss the challenge many countries are facing in developing an adequate workforce to meet emerging primary care needs.

Recognising that producing more physicians is not the solution to the problem, he will discuss how Australian nurses can prepare to be an important part of the solution to the emerging primary care shortage and some of the lessons learned over the past 50 years from the US experience.

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