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Nurse-on-nurse bullying topic of coming study

Nurse-on-nurse bullying is a problem and one research project aims to find out how nurses think it should be tackled.

Study lead Peter Hartin, from James Cook University, said: “The idea that bullying is a problem in nursing probably shocks anyone not in healthcare, but unfortunately it feels all too familiar to anyone who is.

“Research suggests workplace bullying is so culturally integrated into the environment that nursing students are socialised to these behaviours. Nursing students are typically eager and willing to learn new ways of practice and thinking, and bullying becomes just another learned activity.”

Hartin said the impact of bullying can be profound, with many nurses ultimately leaving the profession.

“I want to find out why bullying continues to flourish in the nursing profession in Australia and what we can learn from nurses themselves about ways to stop it,” he said.

Nursing Review sat down with Hartin to find out what we know about bullying in nursing and how the findings will be used to address the issue.

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  1. Great question…”If these policies are in place, then why does bullying continue?”

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