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Positivity improves illness outcomes

Having a positive attitude can improve outcomes for those living with chronic illness, a research review has found. Researchers at Curtin University have studied the power of positive and negative thoughts on people living with cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. ...

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Codeine-free pain relief is better: expert

Australia’s top pain medicine body is urging patients to start considering alternative pain relief to codeine before the ban on over-the-counter sales of the drug early next year. Dr Chris Hayes, Dean of the Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM), says ...

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People not immune to flu striking twice

With a NSW Health report confirming that 2017 is already its worst year for flu, people are being warned that due to different strains circulating the country there’s a chance they could get a second dose. The NSW Health report confirms 35,727 ...

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Broken hearts can be fixed: research

To Canada where new research into organ tissue repair has been published… Broken hearts can be mended using an injectable tissue repair patch smaller than a postage stamp, research shows. The AngioChip consists of a biodegradable scaffold seeded with lab-grown ...

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Hearing loss expected to soar in Australia

The number of Australians affected by hearing loss is expected to soar within the next 50 years at great cost to the economy. Hearing Care Industry Australia has launched a report, developed by Deloitte Access Economics, on the social and ...

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