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Pre-eclampsia linked to dementia

Women who suffer pre-eclampsia during pregnancy have a higher risk of dementia in later life, a new study suggests. Researchers say the pregnancy condition is linked to dementia, particularly vascular dementia. Pre-eclampsia is characterised by new onset of high blood ...

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MP questions power of aged care regulation reform

Establishing an independent body to hear allegations of abuse or neglect in the aged care sector is a “change of stationery” rather than reform, independent MP Rebekha Sharkie says. Sharkie said the government is shifting its responsibilities, such as providing ...

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Making ageism a thing of the past

Changing attitudes to ageing has to happen; that’s a given. But, how it happens and when is the challenge being taken up by the social campaign, EveryAGE Counts. The anti-ageism campaign, which is the brainchild of the Benevolent Society, but driven ...

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