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Researchers find link between gut and diabetes

“This research has shown there is a genetic component to microbiota and the immune response involved in regulating it,” she said.

“This means that changes in the microbiota in type 1 diabetes occur before symptoms develop, and are not just a side-effect of the disease.

“Therapies targeting the microbiota could therefore have the potential to help prevent type 1 diabetes in the future.”

As mice models were used for the study, Hamilton-Williams said the next step would be to examine clinical trials of immunotherapies on people.

She said scientists could then create treatments directly aimed at restoring the gut microbiota to a healthy state and develop better treatments for Type 1 diabetes.

“We showed that genetic susceptibility and change in immune system function led to alterations in the microbiota,” she said.

“The implications are that a person’s genetics contribute to an unhealthy microbiota as well as their diet.”

The research has been published in the journal, Microbiome.

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