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Women in leadership: How do you get there?

Healthcare is one of the few industries dominated by female employees, yet in these industries CEO roles are only held by women 37.6 per cent of the time and key management positions are held by women 48.2 per cent of the time (Workplace Gender Equality Agency, 2019).

What's more, in these industries men are still paid more, approximately $15,000 pa, while female managers working in male-dominated organisations are more likely to earn salaries closer to their male colleagues.

The likelihood of a female gaining a management position also falls as they age, compared with their male counterparts who show an upward trajectory.


Co-author of Core Confidence Fiona Pearman believes that there are a number of structural and systemic issues that preclude women from management positions in healthcare. She also believes there are things women can do to remedy this.

Peraman joined Nursing Review to discuss this issue.

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