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St Basil’s aged care managers face court

Managers of a Melbourne aged care home where 50 residents died during a Covid-19 outbreak have argued against giving evidence as it would lead to a ‘dress rehearsal’ for criminal charges, a court has been told. Former chairman of St Basil’s Kon Kontis ...

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Fighting age discrimination at work: podcast

One in five older Australians are experiencing age discrimination in the workplace affecting their mental health and creating serious obstacles in finding a new jobs. Associate Professor Alysia Blackman from the University of Melbourne says ageism and stereotyping can impact ...

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Painting centenarians to fight ageism: podcast

Olivia Daniel and her painting of 100- year-old Helene. Fifteen-year-old Olivia Daniel likes to paint and sculpt. She used her skills this year during the South Australian edition of 'The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers' exhibition to paint Helene, a ...

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Australia’s oldest Covid survivor turns 105

A NSW aged care resident who recently battled Covid has just celebrated her 105th birthday. May Harrison, who is thought to be Australia’s oldest Covid survivor, hit the milestone birthday surrounded by family and friends. “I was very sick and ...

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